Charles Swart has been a land surveyor in private practice since 1960, practicing in both Montana and Texas. He served overseas as a naval officer with the Seabees during the Korean War. He taught in the civil engineering department of Montana State College, and served as the charter president of the Montana Association of Registered Land Surveyors and as director of the first three state surveying conferences. He received civil engineering degrees from Texas Technological College and the University of California at Berkeley.

Following are published works based on Charles Swart's experience as a land surveyor in Montana and Texas.


NEW - Land Boundary Monuments, Past and Present
One of the most important elements of a land survey, and hopefully the most enduring, are the land boundary markers, or monuments, set by the land surveyor. Read more.

The Best Kept Secrets In Montana Surveying Law
Montana's Corner Recordation Act and what it really says (and what it means for land surveyors). Read more.

Curtis M. Brown, Land Surveyor and Author
A photo and brief biography of Curtis M. Brown, well-known Montana land surveyor. Read more.

How to Live in the Woods
Suggestions for responsible stewardship of your property, based on many years of close observation of the uses and abuses of land. Read more.

Solomon Meredith and the Initial Point of Montana
A brief review of the times just preceding the establishment of the initial point of Montana, with a look at the principal characters involved with the actual location of the point. Read more.


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The Best Kept Secrets in Montana Surveying Law
Curtis M. Brown, Land Surveyor and Author
How to Live in the Woods
Land Boundary Monuments, Past and Present